PAC LPA-E.4 Advanced 4-channel active line output converter with Auto Turn-ON


PAC LPA-E.4 Advanced 4-channel active line output converter with Auto Turn-ON


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About the PAC LPA-E.4 LocPro Advanced

Hook into your car's factory system

One of the best ways to add an amplifier or powered subwoofer to a factory system is with a line output converter (LOC), which reduces the factory system's high-level outputs down to the preamp-level signals your aftermarket amp can handle. PAC's LPA-E.4 LocPro Advanced line output converter will work with just about any factory system, even amplified premium systems, to help you add an aftermarket amplifier in your vehicle.

Integration features

The LPA-E.4 active line output converter lets you add an amp without affecting the existing factory system — you just tap into the wires going to the full-range speakers for the LPA-E.4's inputs. Selectable load resistance and ground isolation options ensure trouble-free OEM integration. Gain control with clip lights adjust the signal level for optimum strength and fidelity. A low-pass filter and bass boost fine-tune the bass to sound its best. An included wired remote lets you control the bass level from your front seat.

For adding a sub and amp or boosting four channels

This line output converter will let you add both a subwoofer amp for bass and a 2-channel amp to power your system's front stage, for example. The 4-channel LPA-E.4 can also be used when adding a 4-channel amp to upgrade the power of your sound system. Selectable input modes allow you to retain your system's front-to-rear fade function, when using this line output converter.

Product highlights:

  • 4-channel active line output converter
    • selectable input mode (2CH, 4CH — 4CH retains fade function)
  • designed to work with most factory systems
  • speaker-level inputs (0.5-40V)
    • can handle up to 400 watts RMS per channel
    • selectable input loads for OEM integration (20, 60, or 20,000 ohms)
  • dual variable gain controls with clip indicators
  • selectable low-pass filter (250 Hz) on rear channels
  • variable bass boost (0-12dB at 45 Hz) on rear channels
  • up to 9.5 Vrms output
More info:
  • aluminum chassis with steel bottom plate
  • LPA-REM wired remote bass level controller included
  • selectable ground isolation (GND, ISO, 200-ohm)
  • selectable turn-on mode (DC offset/signal detect, remote 12V trigger)
    • 12-volt turn-on lead output
  • wiring, fuse, and hardware not included with device
    • 18-gauge power and ground leads and a 1-amp fuse recommended
  • dimensions: 6-7/8"W (8" with cables), 1"H, 3-1/4"D
  • warranty: 1 year
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