Stinger ROADKILL FAST RINGS 6" & 6.5"


Stinger ROADKILL FAST RINGS 6" & 6.5"


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Improve Your Overall Sound Performance With Stinger Roadkill FAST Rings.

Stinger RoadKill Vibration Damping Material
Designed to be installed as a gasket between the speaker and the door, around the speaker and behind the speaker, the result is a improved speaker frequency response and improved bass response.

By using the 3 ring approach that each Roadkill FAST Ring kit includes, the speakers projection of audio into the vehicle cabin is dramatically improved. The included outer ring sits between the door card or parcel shelf material and the metal or plastic mounting surface for the speaker to stop speaker cancellation. Something which can commonly occur due to open cavities in the vehicle door or factory parcel shelf,

Stinger Roadkill FAST Rings are easy to install. Simply clean the mounting surface with wax and grease cleaner, let it dry. Peel the the backing off the speaker ring and with its self adhesive backing attach to the mounting surface. Each speaker ring can be cut down to size if required to suit the vehicle application with a set of scissors or a knife.

Product Features:

  • Reduce Panel Vibration.
  • Increase Mid-Bass Response.
  • Enhanced Audio Output Efficiency.
  • Minimize Destructive Wave Interference.
  • Help Prevent Front & Rear Wave Cancellation.
  • Easy Installation With Peel & Stick Application.
  • Maximize Performance For Speaker Installations.

3-Ring DNA:

  • Gasket For Speaker Mounting To The Baffle Plate Surface.
  • Middle Ring To Mount Around The Outer Edge Of The Speaker.
  • Circular Foam Pad Goes Behind The Speaker To Absorb Unwanted Reflections On Hard Surfaces, Such As Inside A Car Door.


  • Size: 6.5" Speaker Or Less.
  • How Much Material Do I Get: Sold As A pair (2x Backwave Pads, 2x Speaker Gaskets, 2x Speaker Surrounds)
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